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May 9th; This Day In History

This Day In History
This day in History

In Europe, May 9th is celebrated as 'Europe Day' where they celebrate peace and Unity in Europe. The day marks the anniversary of the historic  Schuman declaration. which laid out his idea of political cooperation in Europe, which ended up being the beginning of the European Union.

National teacher`s day. The day is specially set special to celebrate teachers and their contribution in the society. The day was made official by the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife to Franlin D. Roosevelt. She was a a teacher and had a history of civic duty.i

Guernsey Liberation Day. The U.K was responsible for the defence of the island. During the World War II, almost half of the population had to be evacuated to the U.K. The evacation lasted for atleast 5 years.ang the Germans took over the Island.  Locals lost alsmost all of their belongings to the German invaders. The war ended in  1945 and the day is a reminder of how resilient the Islanders were and the freedom they had achieved

You might want to call a friend over for a sleepover since it is also National Sleepover Day. It is a perfect day for friends to bond and have a great time. The day was first celebrated in 2017 in the United States. Unlike the norm that sleepovers are for teenagers, you get to do it with your friend regardless of your age.