This is what your Brain Does in regards to weight loss & Gain

The brain of animals is preloaded with certain rules for behavior, when it comes across an exaggerated rule it lights up with excitement. This is called supernormal stimuli which is a heightened version of reality.

This is what your Brain Does in regards to weight loss & Gain

Humans have evolved from hunting and foraging food in the wild therefore we have placed a high value on salt, sugar, and fat – calories dense food. Even though food is in abundance – our brains continue to crave for it as if it is scarce because the brain reward centers have not changed.

They are also prone to fall into exaggerated versions of reality that drive our reward system into frenzy e.g. junk food. Food scientists have found the bliss point – a perfect combination of salt, sugar, and fat - that excites our brain and keeps us coming back for more.

Apparently, In the current world of today, the advertisement of the food industry is created with an ideal combination of lighting and igniting illusions in making junk food very attractive to us. Our instincts, therefore, go wild and send us into excessive eating habits.

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We have the same brains our predecessors had but temptations they never faced.