Three Cryptocurrency Giants Die Mysteriously within Four-week Period

Recently, the internet hasn't stopped talking about the deaths of three cryptocurrency giants, which were reported dead within a span of four weeks.

Three Cryptocurrency Giants Die Mysteriously within Four-week Period

The "mysterious" deaths of crypto investors Nikolai Mushegian, 29, Tiantian Kullander, 30, and Vyacheslav Taran, 53, have sparked widespread speculation on the internet.

Vyacheslav Taran, a Russian Crypto Typhoon, was the most recent victim of a helicopter crash near the French-Italian border. According to Tass, a Russian news agency, the Russian Embassy confirmed his death on November 28.

Plane crash. PHOTO FILE

The billionaire made his fortune by founding these companies and was 'dedicated to giving back to the community.' Libertex provides a variety of trading products and services, but it is notable for offering 'commission-free' trading on all cryptocurrencies and crypto-based CFDs. In a statement issued by Libertex Group, he was described as a "highly respected businessman." His death is, to say the least, untimely.

According to Life, a pro-Kremlin Russian media outlet, Taran was responsible for the rise and fall of Forex Club, which was stripped of its license in Russia in 2018 for allegedly defrauding investors.

Since his death, many people on Twitter have come up with theories.

Tiantian Kullander died in his sleep at the age of thirty, according to reports. Amber Group, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading firm, was co-founded by Kullander. On November 25, the company confirmed the death of "TT" on its website.

Kullander's death was unexpected, as Amber Group had recently been valued at $3 billion. Nonetheless, the company came under fire after laying off 10% of its workforce.

Kullander reportedly told Bloomberg, a finance-media company, at the time that the cuts were necessary due to "global headcount adjustments every quarter."

With no records of Kullander's health prior to his death, media outlets compared his death to that of Nikolai Mushegian, co-founder of the crypto-lending platform MakerDAO.

Mushegian's death made headlines after his final Tweets raised eyebrows.