Three Family Members Burnt To Death In Their House, Nakuru County

In Nakuru County Kisulisuli area a mother and her two children were burnt to death after a fire broke out at their home while they were asleep.

Three Family Members Burnt To Death In Their House, Nakuru County

Nakuru East Deputy OCPD Wilson Nduati confirmed the morning incident on Wednesday, June 1, and said a multi-agency team had cordoned off the area and was conducting investigations.

According to the press, a resident was notified after seeing a fire break out in one of the bedrooms and rushed to the homestead.

He managed to break down the door but he was unsuccessful in his rescue mission since he was informed that no one was in the house at the time of the tragedy.

"I saw the fire had broken out in one bedroom and I came and demolished the fence. When I got inside the home, I found the door locked with a padlock.

"Luckily, someone came and handed me a tool I used to break down the door. After breaking it, I asked if there was someone inside and I was told there wasn't. I asked five times," he stated.

Another neighbor confirmed that one son, aged 19, had escaped the tragedy because he was not present when the fire started.

The loss of her pupil shocked Mary Onea, a teacher at Menengai Primary School, the most, recalling that she had last spoken to the youngster at the conclusion of Tuesday, School Day. She observed that the clever student was really happy in her final interaction.

"I have lost a pupil in this family. I am saddened because she is the child I talked to last yesterday after we finished our lessons and we agreed with her to collect the books. She was very jovial," the teacher stated.

The police are still combing through the scene of the incident but the cause of the fire is yet to be established.