TikTok Faced with Infringement over Its Services to EU Youths

A Chinese-owned popular short video-sharing application known as TikTok was faced with several complaints from EU consumer groups on Tuesday for allegedly violating the bloc’s consumer laws and failing to protect children from hidden advertising and inappropriate content to them.

TikTok Faced with Infringement over Its Services to EU Youths

The application has been growing so rapidly in popularity around the world, particularly among teenagers who get entertained through it. However, the app has been facing growing criticism about its privacy and safety policies following several negative incidents.

This comes at a time the European consumer group BEUC indicated several issues in its complaint, among them were its terms of service.

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It also added that TikTok fails to protect children and youths from hidden advertising and potentially harmful content on its platform.
This has however increased the level of immorality among the youths and children across the country thus bringing attention to quick actions.

However, this move by the European countries has alerted one of the Tik Tok spokesman who stated they are very sorry and are ready for round table talks to correct anywhere possible and ensure that teen`s privacy is back to normal.

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The firm later added that it had invented new ways in protecting teen`s privacy where they will have to use an in-app summary of its privacy policy to make it easier for teens to understand its stand on privacy.