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Special events that took place on this day in History.

Today In History
Today in History

In 1718, the ' pucke gun' was invented by the British Lawyer, James Puckle. It then became the very first machine gun to be patented.  The gun was to be used on ships. It was designed for two bullet types: round types  for christians and squared for Turks. 

In 1928: Mickey Mouse made its first appearance on the screens.  Mickey Mouse is the most recognized cartoons. The 6-minutes film, 'plane crazy,' directed by Walt Disney shows Mickey trying to fly an airplane in reference to Charles Lindbergh.

In 1930; The first airline stewardess goes on duty. Ellen Church and her team served snacks on the United Airlines flight from Oakland to Chicago. In addition to this, the flight attendants were expected to refuel the aircraft, handle luggage and checking tickets.

The first McDonald fast food restaurant opened on this date in 1940. The duo, Maurice "Mac" and Richard formed the McDonald`s fast food chain store which is so far the best and most loved fast food chain.

International Family Month: The fist celebration was in 1993 and was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly. The aim for the day is to create awareness on the issues sorrounding families including social, demographic and economical factors.