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Events that took place Today and made history around the world

Today In History
Today in History

In 2007, Nicholas Sarkozy was sworn in as President of France. The French Politician tried his luck in politics in 2012 but failed, becoming the only second French president  to fail in a reelection since the foundation of the Fifth Republic in 1958.

International Day of Light. The evolution of light began back in the days, starting with shells, wood and rocks, just to mention a few, until the mordern lighting involving bulbs.The first Electric Arc bulb was made in 1802 by Humphrey Davy. His invention was backed up by the light bulb which was patented by Edison and Swan in 1879. The most recent innovation in the 21st century was the wireless lighting using AI voice  commands and smartphones. 

In the Islamic world, it is the Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq. It is an annual celebration in Iran. This date commemorates the life and death of Ja`far al-Sadiq also referred to as Imam Sadeq.  Imam was the founder of Ja`fari school of law. He died of poison from al- mansur and his history is passed down to generations.

In the world of business, it is World waiters day. With the hardwork and the straining that the hospitality  field demands, waiters deserves to be appreciated. The initiative was started by a French restaurateur, Fred Sirieix  to celebrate the effort put by waiters.