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Events that are celebrated and remembered around the world.

Today In History
Today in History

In the year 1536, the second wife of England`s King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn was beheaded after being accused of adultery. Henry and Anne got married in 1533 on a secret wedding. After a suspected treason and adultery accusations, the King had her investigated. She was arrested in May 2 1536 and sent to the Tower of London. She was later convicted on May 15 and beheaded four days later.

In 1913, Carlifonia Governor Hiram Johnson signed the  Webb- Hertley Law, which prohibited 'aliens ineligible to citizenship' from owning land, a measure that targeted Asian immigrants, Japanese in particular. 

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill pledged his country`s full support in the fight against Japan during his second wartime while addressing the U.S congress in 1943. On the same evening, Churchill met with President Franklin D. Rooselvet at the White House and they agreed on May 1944 to be the last day for the invasion of France. 

National endangered species day. The first celebration was observed in 2006. It has been discovered that at least 40% of animals , plants and insects around the world are at the risk of extinction. Captive breeding is among methods advised to help rescue the endangered species. To celebrate this day, create awarenesson the need and importance of protecting animals.