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Today In History
Today in History

Telangana Formation Day. The day is celebrated in India to commemorate the formation of the Indian state of Telengana. Telengana is the 29th State of India.  It was officially formed on June 2, 2014 after  being seperated from Andhra Praesh. After decades of movement for a seperate states, Telengana was created by passing the AP state reorganization Bill  in both houses of parliament.

In 1924, the Indian Citizenship act by Congress granted citizenship to all American- Indians bborn in the U.S. The day is marked by observing the history, heritage and culture of American- Indian tribes across the country.

In 1999, South Africans went to the polls in their second post- apartheid election which gave the Africann National congress a decisive victory . Thabo Mbeki took over as president, taking over from the retiring President Nelson Mandela.

In 1923;In Salamaca, an enforcement of a resolution adopted recently by the Commission of Education made strict rules against smoking and playing of games amongst other school rules. These rules were to be observed on school buildings and grounds. Further violations would result to expulsion.