Stages of choosing career and 10 leading careers you should know.


Deciding on careers involves four main stages;

      √self-awareness- This is through looking at your skills and abilities in the field you're interested in.

        √Opportunity - Besides your interest in your career of choice, it is equally important to consider the opportunity trend of your intended career at the current time.

      √Decision-making - This is equally important to avoid regret later on. We have seen a situation where people change their careers willingly due to some awkward reasons brought about by poor decision-making.

         √Taking action-Deciding on your career choice isn't a problem, many can decide, perfectly in fact, but the greatest of all is to take the required action to make your dreams come true.

In terms of career, the following is the list of the top 10 most paying careers in Kenya;


As far as medicine is concerned, for a protracted time, it has been perceived to be a thing of the bright students. Many other willing students lately are seen-Those with the will, determination, and Resources to give it a try and even live to their dreams. The entry salary for a medical intern may be as low as Kenya Shillings 45,000 but with a proggression, there is a high possibility of whacking more by 10 x.


The estimate by said that the highest-paid paid financial directors are Kenyan shillings 105,000 per month. Still, the average by the Kenya National Bureau of statistics 2013, estimates for financial services was at ksh100,000.

        3. POLITICS

In politics, as politicians are given a chance to quickly gain riches they are not the only beneficiaries. Political activists, scholars, analysts, commentators, and writers are among those who are known to be making a lot out of politics presently.       

        4. MARKETING 

As far as marketing is termed to be an unpredictable venture, the growth of the company image can translate to high income and commissions for those professionals. The Status of the income is known in some leading banks and insurance companies to be in millions.


This is well-known for its most competitive salaries in job market. Depending on the budget of the firm from donor funding and salaries which can translate into 6 figures salary. Graduates of law and Social Science are the most likely to land in this field.


This is due to the new technology being invented with each passing day. Many companies in Kenya are currently finding the need for technology to occupy most of their Aspect in operation. According to an expert, the estimate of the profession in Kenya can be over 500,000 Kenyan shillings a month.

              7. LECTURERS

Due to the flexibility of the job and the increasing number of universities, it works best on the earning of lecturers. This is besides the patience of studying long and hard Beyond The Graduate, Masters to Ph.D. level to command a higher salary. Those from top universities earn close to Kenya Shillings 500,000 a month. The Field of study also determines the demand and the extent of your services.

            8. MEDIA PRESENTERS

Little can we talk about communication qualifications. The truth presently being that the sector has been more of personal branding. Personalities with the ability to draw the viewership or mass audience have found a home in the media. This ranges from comedians, talk show hosts, and star presenters. individual clout here dictates earning. A long-time known Kenyan female Citizen TV presenter has Been earning roughly Kenyan shillings 800,000. Some popular stand-up comedians also host shows that rake in colossal sums as well.


Depending on the firm, it is indeed a good career to take. The fact that you should be good at science and mathematics. According to research on salary, it States an estimate of Kenyan shillings 550,000 on the higher side having that this value is not fixed.


According to the Wall Street Journal in March 2013, a report was given that, it takes Kenya Airways about Kenya Shillings 8.5 million to train a pilot the same source asserted that a captain earns up to Kenyan Shillings 1.1 million a month.