Toxic Parents?

Toxic parents

Toxic Parents?
Toxic Parents

A lot has been happening lately on the internet. The most tragic one is when young adults are explaining their Parent`s toxic traits. 

Some of the traits might seem normal and most of them have admitted to have been through such. These may include

  • A parent who does not care about their child`s feeling. This might be experienced mostly when the parent only shares the negative impact of their child`s behaviours. A parent is supposed to know why the child did an action before judging
  • Telling others before discussing with the kid.  Anyone who takes matters outside before discussing with the one who did the wrong could be a mercy or attention seeker. 
  • Blame games; As a parent, you are at liberty to make peace with your kid. If you point fingers, you might never come to an agreement. Being the older party, you should find a more mature way to deal with some cases

AS a child, you also have a responsibility which may include;

  • walking away silently. You may get out when both you and your parent are in extreeme ends. You will come back and discuss it when both of you are more calm
  • Explaining; As much as you are a young adult and feel like you are too old to explain, sometimes it would save both of you. Explaining would make your parent to understand why you had to do it. 

In cases tht both parties are not ready to calm down, that is the time a third party may be involved. This could include a psychiatrist, a pastor or a parent from each party