Transgender woman life in danger.

Transgender woman life in danger.
Source: Letoya instagram

Transgender woman, Letoya Johnston life is in danger after been assaulted by alleged police officers in civilian clothes. Letoya, who had attended a private viewing event was stopped by two men dressed in civilian clothes and started asking her about her gender. Knowing very well about her rights as a Kenyan Citizen she requested the alleged officers show their badges as identity something they seemed not to have apart from one whose badge number was not clear.

As a result, the transgender requested that if they have a warrant for her arrest it is only right if they take her in for any questioning which never happened. Letoya's harassment comes days later after Makena Njeri came out as Gay.

“If you don't report a crime it never happened.” Letoya

She then went ahead to report the matter to Kilimani Police station and the case is in progress. In this era, transphobia and discrimination should come to an end, she said.

The Kenyan police have been in the limelight over the years for failing to protect its citizens and instead harassing them and asking for bribes. It is such a pity that they are not been stopped and as a result, we keep loosing young souls. This can be remembered from the death of the two brothers and also the young blood killed at Kitengela and their bikes burnt.