Two Arrested In Tanzania For Reporting That Magufuli Is Battling Covid-19

Authorities in Tanzania have confirmed arresting two people for reporting on social media that Magufuli is battling with Covid-19.

Two Arrested In Tanzania For Reporting That Magufuli Is Battling Covid-19

Tanzanian authorities have arrested two individuals who through social media reported that President Magufuli was battling Covid-19. The two are Peter Pius Silayo aged 30 who is a resident of Tegeta Dar es Salaam and 36-year-old Melchiory Prosper Shayo who hails from Rombo District.

In his statement, the acting Kilimanjaro Police Commander Ronald Makona stated that the two were arrested on different dates for spreading rumors that the president had been taken ill and further added that they will be arraigned in court once investigations are complete.

The police boss warned the public and said that they would take legal action against those found spreading false information about the president`s health. This arrest comes few days after Tanzania`s Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa refuted claims that Magufuli had been flown to Nairobi for Covid-19 treatment with the opposition in the country mounting pressure on the Government to reveal the whereabouts of the President.

Magufuli who is on record denying the existence of Coronavirus has not been seen in public since February 27 when he swore in Dr.Bashiru Ali at the Dar es Salaam State House replacing John Kikazi who died of a heart attack. In a speech after Friday prayers in the Southern Njobe region, the Prime minister assured the citizens that their president is around healthy and working hard and that spreading rumors that he is sick is just an outcome of hate.