Two Children Receive Food Poisoning Treatment After Feeding On Chameleons

Two children in Molo sub-county, Nakuru County were hospitalized after hunger led them to feed on chameleon soup.

Two Children Receive Food Poisoning Treatment After Feeding On Chameleons

The mother of the two children, aged 2 and 4 years old, a resident of Nyakinyua village had gone to look for food as the family had gone without food for days.

The event occurred while the mother of eight had gone hunting for a temporary job so as to provide food for the family.

“When I left in the morning, my children were fine. I instructed the eldest to look after the rest as I went looking for food because we had nothing in the house,” said the mother

When she got home that evening, she found the two kids on the floor writhing in pain and two chameleon heads on the floor.

Her eldest child explained to her that he had made chameleon soup for the kids as they were crying out of hunger.

“He said he had to feed them the chameleons because they had been crying the whole day, complaining of hunger.” the mother said.

The mother requested assistance from her neighbors in getting the kids to a hospital and the two children were then taken to the Molo Sub-County Hospital.

 The two children received treatment for food poisoning and are in stable condition.

Residents pleaded with well-wishers to help the single mother raise her children and meet their basic needs because none of them attend school.

"I plead with anyone to help me. I do not have food. The little I earn from the jobs I do daily is not enough to sustain us. I earn Sh200, which I use for food and other things, but it's not enough for us," the mother said.