Two Men Killed In Quarry Accident, Imenti South

In Imenti South, Ukuu, two quarry workers died and two others were hospitalized after falling from a 40- meter cliff while carving building blocks.

Two Men Killed In Quarry Accident, Imenti South

The event occurred at about 10 a.m. on Monday, according to eyewitnesses, the accident happened when four quarry workers attempted to push down a boulder.

The four workmen were attempting to cut a boulder atop the quarry when it fell in under their feet, according to Ms. Mary Nyoroka, a food vendor at the quarry.

Quarry owners and personnel have been criticized for frequent mishaps due to a lack of safety equipment and a failure to follow safety requirements.

One of the workers claimed that the blocks are sliced with metal bars before being pushed with levers, putting them at risk of tumbling down the cliffs.

The quarry workers use homemade wooden ladders to reach the high cliffs and work ungirded near the cliff's edge.

William Maronga, Imenti South Sub County Police Commander William Maronga confirmed that the incident was reported around 12 p.m.

"Four workers fell off the 40 meters high cliff after the boulder they were standing on broke off. Two died on the way to hospital while two are admitted at Consolata Hospital in Nkubu,” Mr. Maronga said.

 He further said that the security committee has proposed additional safety measures on multiple occasions, particularly during the rainy season.

 “Most of the accidents occur during the rains when the quarry is slippery and the blocks break off easily. We have also advised the quarry owners to fence off the area to avoid accidents,” said the police commander.