Two Remandees In Siaya County Escape From Police Custody

Police in Siaya are looking into the circumstances surrounding the Tuesday, November 1, 2022 escape of two remandees from Kogelo Police station.

Two Remandees In Siaya County  Escape From Police Custody

Following the court's recommendation, Richard Oliaro Odongo and Boniface Otieno Onyango, who were accused of robbery with violence, were remanded at the station.

The two are believed to have fled from police custody under mysterious circumstances because, according to reports, they were never detained at the station as the judge had ordered.

"The two were arrested for the offence of robbery with violence VIDE CR 638/17/2021 & CF E365/2021 and had been remanded at Kogelo Police station on 11/10/2022 by the Principal Magistrate of Siaya Court but they cannot be traced and it is suspected they escaped in unclear circumstances as they were not taken to Kogello Police station as ordered by the court," the report read in part.

Seven court employees who were on duty the day the remandees are thought to have vanished are unable to provide any information regarding their whereabouts.

Constable Oscar Okong'i, one of the orderlies, has now been detained pending the conclusion of the investigation, and police are still looking for the fugitives.

The most recent incident occurred a few weeks after a 17-year-old poured water on a jail guard and fled from Nyamira.

The suspect had been jailed for stealing, jumped the fence and went away from the jail.