Two Unidentified Bodies Found Decomposing In Ngong River

Bodies of two unidentified men were on Wednesday found decomposing in Ngong River near the Mukuru slums.

Two Unidentified Bodies Found Decomposing In Ngong River

Police were informed by locals that they had seen the bodies in the Gatope area of Mukuru slums.

The bodies, according to the police, were dumped at an unidentified location and carried downstream.

It appeared that the bodies had been submerged in the water for more than two days, considering the level of decomposing they had undergone.

The two bodies were taken out of Ngong River by the help of the Nairobi County Fire Brigade crew.

Police officers photographed the scene, and the bodies were taken to the City Mortuary.

Police chief in Nairobi, Adamson Bungei, stated that the victims had not yet been identified.

He stated that an inquiry into the occurrence is being conducted by a team of professionals and urged anyone with missing friends or family to come to City Mortuary to assist with the search.

The discovery of bodies dumped in rivers occurs frequently in the country.

Some of the bodies belong to people who drown in the water bodies, some are hit-and-run victims, while yet others are targeted, killed and dumped in such places.

The Yala River, a tributary of Lake Victoria, in western Kenya, has become a favorite place for murder victims to be dumped since several unidentified bodies have been fpound there.

Twenty-six bodies had been pulled from River Yala at the beginning of this year, and more bodies have since been pulled with no knowledge of the people who dumped them.

Authorities claim investigations into the incidents are under progress as the identity of the individuals responsible for the dumped bodies remains a mystery.