Uganda`s Ebola Caseload Raises to 16

The Ebola caseload in Uganda is currently raising as 16 more people have been recorded with the deadly virus.

Uganda`s Ebola Caseload Raises to 16

Health reports have indicated that 4 people have succumbed to the virus, raising fears of a spreading outbreak that involves a strain for which a vaccine has not yet been found.

Apparently, the virus has been reported in three districts, all in central Uganda.

“The Ministry of Health Rapid Response Teams remain on the ground to list and follow up contacts to the confirmed cases,” the ministry said on Sunday, urging increased vigilance.

Travel restrictions on non-essential work and a ban on large public gatherings have already been put in place in Mubende according to the health ministry spokeswoman Emma Ainebyoona.

Ebola is a hemorrhagic disease that causes severe body aches, headaches, sore throats, vomiting, diarrhea, and rashes, among other symptoms.

According to the World Health Organization, the fatality rate is normally high and can reach 90 percent in some outbreaks.

Human transmission occurs by bodily fluids, and the main signs and symptoms are fever, vomiting, bleeding, and diarrhea.

The difficulty of containing outbreaks increases in metropolitan settings.

Infected individuals do not become contagious until symptoms start to manifest, which can take anywhere between two and 21 days.