Uhuru Kenyatta`s Kadong Ranch invaded

Kenyatta Land Saga

Uhuru Kenyatta`s Kadong Ranch invaded
Kadong Ranch Invasion.

A group of youth were spotted trying to break into the Kadong Ranch in Narok. The Ranch is owned by the Kenyatta family. The rowdy youth were allegedly trying to destror the fence.. The Narok police has to use teargas to disperce them. 

"We recieved reports that some members of the youth from the neighbouring community planned to invade the more than 75,000 acres expansive land and destroy property. We deployed anti-riot officers from 6 a. They thwarted the attempt by the youthto invade the ;land," Isaac Masinde, the County Commissioner said.

The police, however, gave a different report, claiming that it was not calm and that they had to use force. . The group is said to be consisting of 150 youths. 

According to Mr. Marando, there were two groups that were established and were in dispute over money collected from lorries after sale of sand. 

No casualties were reported from either of the sides.