Uhuru, Kioni and Murathe Approved By The Registrar of Parties

After the Jubilee Party reshuffle, the registrar of parties has acknowledged the new leaders, including Uhuru.

Uhuru, Kioni and Murathe Approved By The Registrar of Parties

Following the Jubilee party NDC at the Racecource grounds, the party made major party changes which sent Sabina Chege and Kanini Kega out of the party`s leadership. These changes comes barely two months after Sabina Chege was trusted with the party`s leadership. 

According to Kutuny, the Racecource meeting was illegal and the making and passing laws without their concent. Kutuny has termed the Uhuru- led meeting as null and void. 

Speaking on the legal requirement of an ex- president to retire from politics from politics after six months, Uhuru explained that he is unstoppable.

"I wanted to leave politics and deal with other issues and wanted to relinquish my position in such an NDC , but I have been receiving threats and some people are using violence against me," Uhuru lamented.

The Registrar of parties confirmed the leadership changes of the party. According to Uhuru Kenyatta and team said that the reason for the reshuffle was to create a more trustworthy team to take lead. 

During the same meeting, Martha Karua took the chance to warn the Kenya Kwanza leadership to keep off from Azimio and Jubilee, and not to meddle in their business.