U.K Government against Tik Tok

The U.K Government gives new directives against Tik Tok.

U.K Government against Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a platform majorly used for entertainment. The U.K government have raised concerns against the app`s  security. The Britain says that the new directive will ban Tik Tok from government phones with immediate effect. This comes after other Western countries barring the  Chinese bassed app over security concerns; including  The United States, Canada, Belgium and The European Commission. 

The National Cyber security Center is set to investigate the vulnerability of the British Government`s  data from social media apps and the sensitive information that could be used against the government. 

Tik Tok, on its defence, said that it will enhance its security to guard the sensitive data. 

"We believe these bans have been based on fundamental misconception and driven by wider geopolitics in which, Tik Tok, and millions of our users in the U.K, playno part,"Tik tok spokeperson said to the app`s defence.  The Britain`s Ministry of Defence had posted a video shortly before the ban.