Uproar as Cyrus Oguna said this on Fuel Levies {VIDEO}

Government official Cyrus Oguna was roasted by Kenyans on Twitter who express their frustrations on the comments he made over the fuel levies imposed on the country. Oguna was speaking during a press briefing in which he compared Kenya's tax bracket to that of Europe.

Kenyans did not take this lightly and immediately, a storm was brewed on Twitter but surprisingly, with differing opinions on his sentiments. A lot of Kenyans, however, were quick to castigate him and label him an enemy why others just supported him saying that it is the Members of Parliament's fault.

According to the government spokesperson, Mr. Oguna said that in European countries, citizens pay more taxes giving the examples of Sweden and Norway.

This comes a time Kenyans have to dig deeper in their pockets to purchase fuels for instance In Kenya (Nairobi) Petrol is currently trading at Sh122.81, Diesel at Sh107.66, and Kerosene at Sh97.85 per liter.