Uproar as Kisumu Hawker Is Dragged by Over speeding County Askaris Pick up { VIDEO}

Angry Kenyans on Social media are now calling for the arrest of Kisumu county Askaris who were caught on camera dragging a woman at the back of their speeding Pickup in the streets of Kisumu in broad daylight terming the act as inhuman and unlawful.

According to the un dated video that has been trending on social media angry Boda-boda men are seen speeding after the pick-up to rescue the poor woman.

The woman who was being dragged by Kisumu Askaris Photo Courtesy 

However, their effort to save the woman bore fruits as she was saved alive but with few bruises

It is still undisclosed to the public what reasons could have triggered the police to handle such a situation in such a hostile manner.

More follows…