Uproar as Traffic Police Spotted Receiving Bribes from Motorists Along Nairobi Road {VIDEO}

Netizens were left talking on Wednesday 28th morning after a video of traffic policemen were spotted receiving bribes from motorists went viral.

According to information established by bright Kenya news, the incident happened at Banana Raini Road at around 6 am and 7 am.

This however ignited more reactions amongst other netizens who verified the allegations and said the situation is normal in that area.

Another user on Twitter said that the Same thing happens at Kimbo Matangi Road at the railways, every tuk-tuk and matatu must give 50/.

They are now calling for the actions of the independence and oversite Authority {IPOA},  inspector general of Police Hillary Mutyambai to arrest the police who were captured in the video and deal with them accordingly.