US Mourns Its Ex-Vice President Walter Mondale

Mondale was at one time the United States' Vice President during the reign of Jimmy Carter.

US Mourns Its Ex-Vice President Walter Mondale
Fallen US VP Walter Mondale. [Photo/ Courtesy]

The entire United States has been thrown into grief following the demise of Walter Mondale, who once served as the nation's second-in-command.

Mr. Mondale served under Jimmy Carter's regime, between 1976 and 1984. Ex-President Jimmy Carter was one-term president after losing his re-election bid to Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Mondale passed away on Monday at the age of 93 years according to the official statement by his family. “It is with profound sadness that we share the news that our beloved dad passed away.” read part of the statement.

Following his demise, US President Joe Biden joined Mondale's family in mourning. President Biden described Mondale as a friend, a mentor, and a patriot. 

Biden recalled how he together with his wife managed to speak with the deceased through the phone over the weekend before his death. 

Ex-US President Jimmy Carter also mourned the late describing him as the best Vice President he knew. According to Carter, Mondale was an important servant for the US from Minnesota. 

“Rosalynn and I join all Americans in giving thanks for his exemplary life, and we extend our deepest condolences to his family,” stated the former US head Carter.