US Sanctions Tanzanian Over Terrorism Links

ISIS is an Islamic terror group associated with attacks that leave many dead and others injured.

US Sanctions Tanzanian Over Terrorism Links
US has highly accused Yasir over his active terrorism involvement. [Photo/ File]

The United States (US) government has slapped Tanzanian Abu Yasir Hassan with sanctions over his active terror engagement in Mozambique. 

Abu Yasir Hassan was reported to be leading an insurgency in Mozambique, and the Coastal region of Tanzania. Following the sanction, the US moved to block all property and property interests under the accused.

Further, it remains illegal for any individual to hold any business transactions with the accused. According to US sources, Abu Yasir Hassan is aged between 38 and 40 years, and an ISIS leader in the Mozambique region.

Under his stewardship, the terror group has reportedly killed over 1,300 Mozambique civilians. As per estimations, about 2,300 security officers, civilians, and terrorists have lost their lives since the war that broke in October 2017. 

Over 0.6 million others have been displaced from their homes owing to the violence. US government under President Joe Biden is committed to paralyzing terrorism by thwarting all their efforts and hindering them access to financial avenues. 

Further, the US purposes to help other nations combat terrorism that has become a threat to human existence.