VIDEO: Chaos Erupts in Eldoret Town as Massive Looting Occurs

Following alleged mistreatment experienced by the business people in the Eldoret Soko community, Eldoret residents were seen protesting in the town while accusing the officers.

 In the event, they were also joined by several street families who raised their concerns over the county government officials who targeted them due to their increase in number along the streets.

The traders in the area have also accused Governor Jonathan Bii and his administration of using the city Askaris to mistreat them when in their businesses.

In a video seen by this publication, looters were seen entering Eldomatt, a supermarket in Eldoret town, and taking several items including a generator from the supermarket.

Following the event, police officers were seen lobbing teargas gannisters to disperse rioting protestors in the town.

According to reports, the number of street kids in the area has been seen to rise daily and many of the residents now fear for their safety. 

Criminal cases have been seen on the rise recently in the country as netizens have now become worried about their safety. 

On November 15, President William Ruto deployed officers from the General Service Unit (GSU) and the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) to Nairobi streets after cases of crime spiked.

In an interview on November 16 however, Houghton cautioned the authorities to be wary of the powers bestowed to the units. He argued that in the past, the units kicked off on a good course but with time, they became a law unto themselves.

"Cabinet sanctioned swift and decisive action to deal with all those perpetrating crimes with the deployment of additional specialized police units drawn from the GSU and RDU," a dispatch from the Cabinet meeting read in part.