VIDEO: Lady Rejects Boyfriend's Proposal at Archives

Love is a beautiful feeling expressed amongst lovers but this yet-to-be-identified man met his bitter pill in love, this is after he was publicly ignored by his alleged lover.

According to a viral video seen on Monday 5th, December a man dressed in a Grey suit with a white shirt and a dark shades can be seen looking very desparately after he was left while on his knees trying to woo his lover with sweet words.

In the video that has been trending online, the happy and jovial moment  suddenly turned into Sadness and regrets after the lady turned down her alleged boyfriend`s proposal. A group of men and women are also seen around them.

The incident is believed to have happened in Nairobi`s popular National Archives area.

Well every lady in a relationship would always wait for such a precious moment for the man to shoot out the "will you"?  the question, there are still ladies who still don't cherish such honorable moments from their loved ones.

This has however created an uproar among the netizens who kept on asking why would the lady stay comfortably waiting for the proposal moment knowing she was going the disappoint the young man.