Video Of Motorist Raining Blows on a Police Officer Causes Online Stir

Law enforcers have in the past been on the receiving end for meting brutality on the public, to an extend leading to unexplained life loss.

For quite some time, the relationship between law enforcers and civilians has remained wanting. Law enforcers have on many occasions been accused of brutalizing the public. 

Whether the brutality is what may have led to the ailing relationships, only the hell knows. In what appears to be a retaliation, residents have reportedly turned against the cops. 

A clip shared recently is the talk of many netizens. In the short clip, a motorist can be seen struggling with an officer inside a car.

The struggle continues until some other civilians arrive luckily saving the cop, while the car can be seen escaping. The clip shared on Twitter has left many Kenyans furious over the motorist's conduct.