VIDEO: Rescue Operations ongoing in Kasarani Seasons

Rescue operations are currently ongoing in Kasarani Seasons where a six storey building collapsed on Tuesday 15th November leaving several people trapped in the rabble.

So far Eight people have been rescued from the collapsed building while Five more are still trapped in the building debris.

However, those who had been rescued and found with minor injuries had been set free to go home as those with major injuries were taken to the hospital

Most of those feared trapped in the debris are construction workers.

The Seven-storey building was under construction when it collapsed around 2.20 pm, according to area witnesses.

According to reports, the foreman on Tuesday, November 15, instructed some of the workers to hide inside the structure before an inspection by representatives of the Nairobi County Government.

The building was deemed inappropriate by the authorities, who then commanded that all construction stop immediately until further instruction.

Eight employees were detained by kanjos, or city council officers, during the mid-morning examination.

The men and women continued to work on a number of the enormous structure's floors after they had gone, emerging from hiding.
Hours later, around 2:30 p.m., witnesses notified the media that the structure started to collapse from one side. Only a few of the workers responded when they attempted to warn them.

"We saw the house start crumbling, and we began screaming to alert some of those who were inside to run for their lives, but some of them ignored," an eyewitness recalled.

Before the building totally collapsed, two workers, one of whom was a woman hired for the day, jumped off to the next one.

There were at least 10 persons trapped inside the structure, and unconfirmed reports indicate that there may be more.

The rescue efforts at the scene were coordinated by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), the Kenya Red Cross, and county emergency personnel.

The building was the second one to fall in recent weeks in Nairobi. In Tassia, Embakasi, a six-story building under construction collapsed on November 7.