VIDEO: Should Men Apply Makeup?

Kenyans have expressed their mixed reactions concerning whether men should be applied makeup or not. In a video seen online, a makeup artist was seen doing facials on United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leader, William Ruto.

The post was shared on one of his loyal supporter's Instagram accounts, Dennis Itumbi.

"Supporting Hustler business," read the caption.

The Deputy President was seen seemingly very comfortable as the lady continued to apply the gem on his face.

In the video the makeup artist, Mercy Muthonie was seen spraying DP William Ruto's face and applying a concealer using a brush on his face.

Netizens have since commented on the video and some have even stated that it is not right for men to apply makeup.

DP Ruto's instance of being applied makeup comes months after Azimio leader was also applied makeup during the launch of 'Leo ni Leo' early this year.

The well-known makeup artist Lind Jenna shared on her social media platforms photos of her applying the Azimio leader makeup. 

Linda Jenna is a decorated makeup artist (MUA) trained in Canada.

She acknowledged that it was a big deal.

“Early mornings prepping Baba wa Taifa, Raila Odinga for his campaign roles,” she shared on her Social media.

Raila Odinga appeared relaxed and undoubtedly enjoyed the session.

Makeup artist Linda Jenna applies makeup on Azimio leader, Raila Odinga. PHOTO FILE

While women are known for using cosmetics to enhance their appearance, men also use simple makeup when going in front of the camera or taking pictures/videos for commercial purposes.