What Narok Senator, Ledama Uses to Get Beautiful Skin

Taking to his Twitter account, Narok Senator, Ledama Olekina has come out to reveal one of his secrets especially after many Kenyans flocked to his accounts inquiring about what he used on his 'sexy' legs.

What Narok Senator, Ledama Uses to Get Beautiful Skin

Kenyans also went ahead to term him as the 'ambassador wa vaseline' days after his legs were seen during an interview at one of the media houses in Kenya.

During the interview, Ledama had worn his Maasai shuka which exposed part of his legs that Kenyans could not stop envying. Ledama's legs were seen to be very smooth, oily, and with no marks on them. This could be one of the reasons why he never feels ashamed of flaunting them.

In his recent post, Ledama came out to share what he was using of his legs as many had inquired about. Ledama shared a clip of the beauty product that he used on his legs 'Just Beauty CBD'. From the clip shared, the oil seems to have weed ingredients in it.

Kenyans have come out stating the Kenyan government should now legalize weed in the country as it also has a lot of positive impacts. 

Here are some reactions to what Kenyans have said after the Narok senator shared one of his secrets with some accusing him that he should not use oil or rather brag about oiling his legs. Instead, he should look for a way forward to help Kenyans during these hard economic times.