Who Wore It Better at the East Africa Wakanda Forever Premiere?

November has always been one of the luckiest months, with many films premiering. Just as the month began, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever returned with characters launching the premiere for season 2.

Who Wore It Better at the East Africa Wakanda Forever Premiere?

The premiere of Wakanda Forever has since taken place in various parts of the world, the most recent being in East Africa. We've seen Wakanda Forever actors, producers, and artists at the forefront of the film's launch. Celebrities have also come out in support of the film, making this one of the best premieres ever.

Among the celebrities seen were some Kenyan celebrities who were not left out of the celebrations. Kenyan celebrities are notorious for not putting much effort into their appearances but this time, most of the celebrities dressed with respect to the theme of the launch.

Among those who graced the occasion were also the famous Black Panther actor, Lupita Nyong'o parents who were dressed in black outfits that matched the theme of the film.

Lupita Nyong'o's family & Kate Actress. INSTAGRAM

Here are some of the photos of how Kenyan celebrities stood out during the launch. 

Kate Actress during the Wakanda Forever launch. INSTAGRAM

Eve Mungai & Kate Actress. INSTAGRAM

Eve Mungai & her lover, Director Trevor. INSTAGRAM

Eve Mungai. PHOTO FILE

Sauti Sol at the Wakanda Forever Premiere. INSTAGRAM

Jackie Matubia and her lover, Blessing Lungaho. INSTAGRAM

Dennis Karuri. INSTAGRAM

Anita Nderu & Natalie Tewa. INSTAGRAM

Anita Nderu. INSTAGRAM

Terence creative & his wife Milly Chebby. INSTAGRAM

Willis Raburu & his lover, Ivy Namu. INSTAGRAM

Nameless & his daughter, Tumi. INSTAGRAM

Who do you think wore it better?