Why Dead Bodies are Transported by Motorcycles in Congo

In most parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Motorcycles are used to transport dead bodies to the morgue, whereby the body is tied in a sitting position.

Why Dead Bodies are Transported by Motorcycles in Congo

This has however made the motorcycle a lucrative business for the Congo youths since most of the roads are impassable by vehicles.

The youths have nothing to worry about since the business brings in income to them.

                      A dead body being transported to the morgue. PHOTO FILE

In some cases, if there is no one to support the dead body, tree branches can be used to keep it from falling.

Congo is the richest country in the world in terms of undeveloped mineral riches worth billions of dollars, but its people live in poverty. Some families can't afford to hire a hearse to transfer their loved ones' bodies to and from remote villages. The travel from the village to the metropolis may take more than 10 hours if it is located far away.

In recent years, this mode of transportation has been outlawed, and it has been replaced by a complicated process designed to halt the spread of ebola and covid-19. Due to government limitations and rules aimed at limiting the pandemic, burial rites and public prayers have been phased out.