Why I Proposed Extension of Ruto`s Presidential Term Limit- MP Yakub

Salah Yakub the Fafi Member of Parliament has stated the reasons as to why he proposed that President William Ruto`s term limit should be extended.

Why I Proposed Extension  of  Ruto`s Presidential Term Limit- MP Yakub

According to MP Yakub, presidents with development records should not be subjected to the two-term limit given the economic impact they can have on the country.

Speaking on a popular TV station on the country on Tuesday 8th Yakub maintained his stand to extend President William Ruto's term, expressing that it was in the country's best interest.

He explained that the former Late president  Mwai Kibaki, was prevented from staying in office despite the economic milestones he achieved in his 10-year reign.

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Kenya`s President William Ruto. PHOTO FILE

"If you have a cook in your home and he or she works well, you can't just wake up one morning and decide to change them.

"We looked at Kibaki who did a very good job for the 10 years but the Constitution capped him. Some of us were for the idea that should he have served for another term, we could have gone on another level," he stated.

He asserted that some Kenyans agreed with the notion that was allegedly effective in Europe and led to the economic prosperity of other nations.

"It is happening in Europe, like Denmark and Germany. It's not an issue of changing the personnel but the delivery of goods," he clarified. 

However, the UDA party Distanced themselves from the utterances of the legislator noting that the idea was his.

"Remarks by Fafi MP Salah Yakub that there are plans to extend term limits for the President are a product of a fertile imagination by the legislator.

"UDA  distances itself from the utterances by the MP". UDA Stated