Why Martha is Trending on Twitter

An expectant woman by the name Martha from Zambia has been trending on popular social media Twitter for some days now. This has taken most social media netizens with a lot of worrying questions.

Why Martha is Trending on Twitter

This is after a viral video of her making bedroom love with her alleged pastor has been trending on various social media platforms.

 From the viral video shared by a source privy to this publication, the woman made love with her poster on their matrimonial bed in her matrimonial home.

Reports indicate that the woman had been in her marriage for years while childless. She then decided to sort her pastor`s help to conceive through prayers. 

The Alleged Pastor chewed one of his flocks. PHOTO TWITTER

Ironically the pastor turned out to be worse than least expected.

In the video, another man who is believed to be the woman`s husband who seemed to have found them red-handed in the act is heard threatening the duo who were at a love-making ceremony.

"Don't Move, I`ll kill you, Don't move, Get down. Martha on my bed, on my bed?" the distressed man is heard saying.

More confusingly, lit candles can be seen on the floor which seems as if there was a prayer session or rituals ongoing.

Some social media users stated that the woman might have been performing some rituals to overpower her husband.