Why Most Ladies opt to be Single Nowadays

There has been an increase in the number of Single ladies in this digitized world, unlike in the past. Well, if at all you’ve ever thought so, then here are the possible reasons that you need to know.

Why Most Ladies opt to be Single Nowadays

1.Relationship Struggles

Nowadays many relationships are not going straight like the old days. This means that some challenges like men being untrustworthy on their ladies can attribute to breaking up where a lady decides to remain single because of the experience she underwent.

2.Some Ladies are financially stable.

Many ladies work and this makes them rely on themselves. This means they won't rely on men since their work makes them more independent than when they are in a relationship so get the message home.


Ladies want to live a good and smooth life so they tend to avoid jobless men who can’t support them with basic needs in marriage.

4.Ladies nowadays are more Working Class.

Most ladies fear getting married because of their jobs since dealing with both marriage and jobs is a big challenge hence forcing them to concentrate on their career jobs as they stay single and wait for Mr. Right.