Why Political Analyst Herman Manyora Wants 2022 Elections Postponed

Analyst Manyora believes that Kenya is unable to fund a general election, saying that a lot has been spent in fighting the Covid-19.

Why Political Analyst Herman Manyora Wants 2022 Elections Postponed
Political analyst Herman Manyora who wants 2022 elections pushed further. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Political analyst Herman Manyora on Saturday night caused an online stir by telling President Kenyatta to postpone 2022 general elections.

According to Manyora, the nation is not adequately prepared for the historic exercise that will mark end of President Kenyatta's reign.

Justifying his request to the president, Manyora pointed an accusing finger at the ongoing pandemic that has really crippled the nation's economy.

The analyst noted how Kenya is experiencing Covid-19 third wave, which is reportedly more deadly compared to the previous waves.

Secondly, Manyora stated how Kenya had spent a lot in combating the pandemic, leaving the Treasury ministry broke.

Manyora's statement was not well received by a good number of Kenyans who could not hide their anger towards him.

Renowned legal expert Ms. Martha Karua for instance likened the statement to some sort of treason.

Other netizens blasted Manyora for saying the nation was broke to fund an election, yet there were funds to finance the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)