Why You Should Not Date Married Men/ Women

There are several reasons why you should never date married men and women, this is because the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Why You Should Not Date Married Men/ Women

Below are the reasons why you should cease dating married men and women.

1.Married men/ women will never leave their spouse for you: No matter what you do they will never love you to the extent of leaving their loved ones for you.

Remember a married person can't and will never be yours.

2.Your life will never move on: Your will be dragging your life behind you because you will be trying to make a situation that will never be a reality.

3.Low self-esteemed: You will constantly have low self-esteem due to keeping your relationship a secret. A good relationship is open.

4.lonely: Remember when dating married men/women you will always feel lonely because they will never share precious time with you, of course, their first family matters a lot to them.

5.You will never leave a happy life: Your relationship will never be successful and you will never be happy. In short your life will end in tears and it will hurt you so badly.