Woman Arrested For Alleged Murder of Boyfriend In Rongai

Police are holding a 27-year-old lady in Ongata Rongai Police Station for allegedly murdering a 47-year-old man in his home on Saturday night.

Woman Arrested For Alleged Murder of Boyfriend In Rongai

The victim, a driver of the Kenya School of Law, identified as Kennedy Bitonye is believed to have been murdered by the lay, who was her girlfriend after a heated argument over an unknown issue.

Neighbors claim that during the tragic night they heard noises followed by loud screams coming from the duo’s rental home, causing them to run to the scene.

When the neighbors arrived, they saw patterns of blood splatter covering the house's floor as well as A broken kitchen knife which was the murder weapon.

"Upon arrival, neighbours noticed patterns of blood splatter which littered the floor of the house and the murder weapon, a broken kitchen knife," DCI Director General Mohamed Amin said.

The well-wishers' attempts to hasten the victim to the adjacent Sinai Hospital failed after he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The murder weapon was seized and documented by crime scene investigators working at the DCI national forensic laboratory.

More witnesses are being questioned by detectives as they work to piece together the exact circumstances leading up to the murder.

The primary suspect of the heinous murder, the deceased's girlfriend, Jacklyn Zakayo, is still being held in police custody as investigations continue.