Woman Bites Off Husband's Genitals In Kisii County

A Kisii woman bit off her partner’s manhood, after an argument causing the man to be rushed for emergency surgery.

Woman Bites Off Husband's Genitals In Kisii County

The woman is being detained by police in Kisii on suspicion of chewing off her husband's manhood and then stabbing him in the abdomen after an argument at home.

The man was taken to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital for immediate major surgery after he sustained serious injuries from the attack.

The suspect is currently detained at the Nyanchwa police station in Kisii town where she is assisting authorities in their investigation of what might have happened.

She was arrested by DCI sleuths after she was permitted to leave a private hospital in Kisii where she has gone to seek medical assistance after the event.

Obino Nyambane, the Kisii County Director in charge of Culture, has voiced his displeasure over the outrageous incidents that have been recorded in Gusii land and called for prompt action from the elders in Gusii land to provide direction to the youth.

In 2018, an Indian woman bit off a chunk of her husband’s penis when he caught her with another man.

Her husband had found her in close contact with her lover and a scuffle followed during which the dhoti tunic that the man was wearing fell off. The lady bit off a part of his penis before running away with her lover.

Villagers rushed the bleeding husband along with the severed part of the penis to the hospital for medical attention and informed the police.

The woman was later arrested and charged with attempted murder.