Woman Crush Wednesday; Our Woman Crush Today Is Akothee

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday; Our Woman Crush Today Is Akothee
Esther Akoth, successful business woman, a mother and a wife

Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee is known for her vibrant nature, a woman of choice. Though her life seem controvasial, she cares less and always stands above the waters. 

Akothee is a lot of things; a musician, bussiness lady, an author and above all, a mother and a wife. The mother of five has not in any circumstance shy away from her life, whether personal or public life.

She has been ranked among the top ten richest artists in Kenya. She owns houses in Mombasa, Migori and Zurich. Her popular daughters are Celly Rue Brown, Vesha Shailan okello and Prudence Apundo while her sons are Oyoo and Ojwang who little is known of them.

She is the founder of Akothee Safaris based in Kenya and the founder of a charity, Aknotela and Akothee homes, a real estate business. 

She has been the center talk for the better part of the year with her mega wedding to her Swiss husband whom she has nicknamed 'Omosh'. The wedding  consisted of invites only with the country`s 'high ranks' attending. 

She is now awaiting her second wedding which is set to happen in Swizzerland.