World Deadly Diseases and Ways of How to Avoid Them.

There are some diseases feared by people because of their effects to the body. Its however noted that they can always be prevented. Explore now.

World Deadly Diseases and Ways of How to Avoid Them.

Ischemic Heart Disease

its Normally referred to as heart attack, and it occurs when the heart muscles fail to receive enough blood. Its mainly brought about by extreme levels of bad cholesterol, uncontrolled escalated blood pressure and obesity. It has been reported to mostly occur on people above 45 years, though all people have to be careful. It’s possible to keep away for the disease, especially by consuming foods with reduced amounts of the bad cholesterol. It’s also recommended that one should minimize alcohol drinking.

Exercise should not be exceptional, at least two hours and thirty minutes every week. Its always good always go to a medical professional on yearly basis just for checkup and advisory.


Stroke is a situation where the brain receives insufficient blood. It can also happen when there is bleeding in the brain especially after injury. It’s reported to mostly happen to people above fifty years of age, though it can attack any one at any age. Stroke is a disease which can be avoided by avoiding the risk factors of those of heart attack since they are almost similar.


Both young and old can be affected with the disease, though to the

little ones its mainly because of absence of insulin which is very essential in sugar breakdown. For older people, the disease comes around due to the body failing to counter insulin. The disease normally damages the kidney, sexual and digestive roles and it also increases chances of getting heart ailments. It should be noted that its usually difficult to prevent Type 1 diabetes which mostly affect the children. Type 2 which mostly affect the older people can always be avoided by reducing body weight, conducting regular exercise and consuming health diet. With good control even with the disease, one can live for many years.

Chest Infections.

Pneumonia is one of well-known chest problem among both young and old. Its normally associated with complications in breathing, cough and even fever due to either virus or bacterial infection. There are certain vaccines meant for such ailments which should be taken to prevent. Additional, observing hygiene like regularly hand washing helps a lot.