Young Reverend Victor Resurfaces, hints He Is In The US

Young Reverend Victor Resurfaces

Young Reverend Victor Resurfaces, hints He Is In The US

The young reverend Victor came into light with his preaching skills at a young age. His commanding nature gained him a huge following even on social media.  Victor`s mother does not shy away from her son`s talent and is always ready to support him.

Victor has been silent with only rumours of his whereabouts hitting on social media. Some said that he sat for his National exams and even gave false grades while some said that he had given up on preaching.

To everyone`s shock, Victor updated his Facebook with a video, speaking with a foreign accent. Another minor introduced him and it was now clear that he is not in the country. He has been invited in the US by a group of Christians to spread the gospel. 

As always, his family was right there with him, something that cought the eyes of many. Some applouded him that at such a young age, he has taken his family out of the country. 

From the video, Victor talked about not giving up emphasizing that no one can outdo God. He encouraged believers that when God says Yes, no one can say no.

Many took the chance to reflect on Victor`s journey and how he never gave up. They also encouraged him to keep up thegood work and not listen to negativities. Those who wished him well told him that talent and annointing could happen at any age.  

As usual, some were negative about him, saying that he would follow the footsteps of some dispicable pastors in the country, while others said that he was only young and did not have enough experience with the scriptures, well enough to lead.