Youth Pleads with President Uhuru to Re-absorb all Casual Workers During Sonko`s Tenure

Nairobi youth is now pleading with president Uhuru Kenyatta to re-absorb all former Casual workers that were under the government of Ex- Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko amid speculations all over media that currently most of Nairobi estates have become filthy due to over-dumping.

According to the youth in un dated video, Casual workers during Sonko1s reign were keeping the Capital city Cleaner and greener unlike now where Nairobi Metropolitan Services managed by General Mohammed Badi took control over Nairobi.

NMS Boss Mohammed Badi & EX- Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Photo Courtesy

Mike Sonko`s tenure elapsed when he was ousted from power by the members of the county assembly after he was charged with corruption cases and abuse of office.

Youths working in the Kazi Kwa Vijana Mtaani  Project in Nairobi Slums photo courtesy

His deputy Governor-elect Ann Kananu Mwendwa then became the current Nairobi governor to date.