Youth Storm Police Offices Over the Death of MCA

A group of angry youth stormed into police offices in Kakamega over the death of their MCA.

Youth Storm Police Offices Over the Death of MCA
The murdered MCA, Stephen Maloba

A group of angry youths stormed into Emasasti patrol base with stones, attacking the police The attackers has left 8 police officers injured and taken with them 1,240 bags of fertilizers. The fertilizers are said to be for the county government and were in safe custody awaiting distribution to the farmers.

The police are currently hunting down the vandalizers. They have said that the youth were protesting against the murder of Kisa East Ward Member of County Assembly Stephen Maloba who was stabbed to death. 

The police on duty had to shoot in the air to disperse the protestors who were throwing stones at them. 

At least 15 bags of the stolen fertilizers have been uncovered from Embutsemba village. Detectives are still looking for the suspects and the remaining bags of fertilizer.