5 Major Ways To Know you're Dating a Stalker and How to Avoid Them

Stalkers are people who harass or persecute someone with unwanted and obsessive attention. Mostly stalking occurs as a result of love fantasies or anger and vengefulness.

5 Major Ways To Know you're Dating  a Stalker and How to Avoid Them

Many stalkers have a history of failed relationships or have trouble communicating with others. Intelligent: Most stalkers are intelligent and they carefully plan their stalking behavior. Most just lack social skills.

people who stalk have a range of distorted beliefs about relationships for example “I need to pursue someone for them to love me”, or “I am entitled to a relationship”.

 Mostly these people are insecure and they constantly want to keep tabs to ensure they are the only people in your life due to this they have made relationship life so tough and boring at times.

However, below are the following ways to know a stalker boyfriend or girlfriend you should cut off from dating.

1. They always want to know who you're talking to: These people because they are insecure, and stalkers are always keeping an eye on you to make sure they are the only ones in your life.

To find out who you meet up with, some people will even go as far as tapping your phone and tracking your car.


2.Always knowing what you are up to even when you are away

Even if you are not close to a stalker, they will constantly be aware of what you are doing.

Some stalkers will even go into great detail with you about your activities or the people you are engaging in them with. They enjoy making you feel traumatized.

3.Repeated phone calls

You will receive calls from stalkers on various numbers trying to scare you.

They will message you frequently.

4.Always wants to know where you are

A stalker is constantly curious about your whereabouts.

Either he will do it himself or he will hire someone to follow you.

As sad as it may seem, stalkers enjoy making the lives of others intolerable. Some people will even wait outside your place of business to see if you are there or not.


5. Always Sending unwanted gifts

Sometimes stalkers will give random gifts, especially to persons they wish to get to know.

These can be flowers outside your place of employment or outside your home.

You should be aware of these kinds of stalkers and choose wisely knowing that some are always bitter as a result of rejected love.