No Flights In Or Out of JKIA

No Flights In Or Out Of JKIA

No Flights In Or Out of JKIA

As announced by the Kenya Airports Authority the suspension of incoming and outgoing of flights in JKIA.  This is after the temporarry closure of the runway. KAA said that this was due to an aborted take off by a cargo plane after it developed technical issues. 

KAA has promised to do their best to ensure safety measures are reached. 

"Our top priority is safety of all passangers and we are working closely with the relevant authorities to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. As a result of the runway closure, all incoming and outgoing flights have been temporarily suspended," The KAA announced. 

They have further adviced passangers to contact their respective airlines for the status of their flights, appologizing for the inconviniences caused