3 Vodka Cocktails You Need To Try

Since today is the National Vodka day here at Bright Kenya News we decided to share some easy ways to make your vodka more enjoyable.

3 Vodka Cocktails You Need To  Try

1. Screwdriver(vodka with orange juice)

This is like the basics ad some OJ t your vodka. This simple cocktail turns up everywhere as a trusted favorite.

2. Lemonade/soda

If you prefer your vodka mixer to sparkle sweetly, you should try a decent lemonade or soda. Choose Lemonade if you want that very strong bitter lemon fizz. Lemonade gives you the freedom to experiment.  Just what you need for an afternoon in the pool under the hot sun.


Cranberry juice is one of the best vodka mixers., You might like to add some other juices with cranberry at the same time, either to enhance the sour taste you love or to take the harsh edges off it if it's a bit too much. Mixed with vodka, cranberry juice has a particular kick you’ll remember. And a lovely color.

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