Forging Ahead Through It All

When we are let down by the people we love, we always feel like we do not need to take another step towards our living, but that's never a fair deal for our lives. Nothing is permanent. Happiness will soon knock at the door again.

Forging Ahead Through It All
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After we had had our lengthy girl talks, Mum rose to offer her last prayer before leaving. We talked about several things that were in relation to what I was going through at that moment. Most of the minutes in our conversation were filled with tears, pain, and encouragement. I felt I was too young for the kind of emotional trauma that I was going through. I was only five months into motherhood, and nothing could have done me best more than the presence of my child's father. But we can never influence the decision of the people we love.

After almost two years of love and watering this garden, I was coming back home empty-handed and with a broken heart to nurse. My self-esteem had been destroyed, and my mental status was wanting. I had gladly accepted the status and responsibilities with wide-open arms, but I couldn't just keep the person who never wanted to be kept. We had started building our lives from a tricky bottom end. We had walked on those thorny paths bare feet just to reach where we currently were. From nothing to something but then, it's not a must that you end up with the person you started from scratch with. 

How could he just give up on this one beautiful thing that we had?

Generally, we are meant to walk people from one stage of their lives to another, and so was our case. We were never meant to reach the final destination together. As much as it was tormenting to even swallow the thought but that was the fact. In my pain, I was glad that I had fixed him the feathers that his wings needed to fly again. I was contented that I had given him much of what he needed to fly again. He flew up above, and whenever I tried to raise my hands so he could reach me, he scaled even higher. Still, nothing made sense.

In her torn voice, she said, "as long as you are still alive and walking the journey of this life, you will come across several things that will either break or build you. Some will turn you into a bitter person, while others will make you glad. You will still get broken, betrayed, or struck down harder than ever before. You will meet things, situations, or people who will bring so much joy into your life, and you will wish for eternity, but everything is for a season. Everything is God's, and He knows why He brings every situation upon your way. Don't forever hold on to your broken and lonely heart. Instead, let it heal and enjoy every moment with your baby. God knows your fate, and when his time comes, He will bless you to an overflow no matter how difficult the situation might be. Fate and life are His. Don't give up or get tired baby. Above all, God knows why you're the one He trusted with the little angel. He can never give you what you can't handle, nor can He take you into a situation that He can never walk you out of. Let's pray."

She said a prayer in a trembling voice, worries rolling up her throat unto her lips. She requested God to take care of the baby whom He had placed amongst us as a blessing. She mentioned several things and people, but that caught my attention.

There was something God had seen ahead of us that he was protecting us from. Something that we couldn't see but my human understanding kept on lamenting and asking God so many questions. That's why He had to painfully pluck us out of that union and family. 

Still, His plans for us have never been wrong.